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Organizations and Websites

Child Protection Project and Help the Child Brides

Founded by child advocate and anti-polygamy activist Flora Jessop, these two sites feature a plethora of information on the FLDS and other polygamist groups, with a strong emphasis on the survivors of American polygamy.

Tapestry Against Polygamy

Founded in 1999 Tapestry Against Polygamy was founded in 1999 by a group of former polygamists determined to share the truth of American polygamy.


Run by former polygamist, now a born-again Christian, Mary Mackert’s site has an excellent comparative analysis between the FLDS and the Taliban, showing that the abuses of polygamy can be seen in one seamless thread, regardless of where it is practiced in the world.

Polygamy Books

John Llewellyn, a retired sheriff’s lieutenant, has extensive experience with polygamy as a criminal investigator and later as a convert to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), the second largest Mormon polygamous sect in the United States. After seeing the corruption and self-serving behavior in the sect, Mr. Llewellyn left the group, no longer believing in its precepts. Since leaving the AUB, John Llewellyn has become an outspoken critic of the organized polygamous sects. He has written four books about polygamy with another soon to be published.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws

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