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Court deals blow to FLDS in property case

Utah’s highest court, in a blow to the polygamous sect headed by convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs, refused on Tuesday to allow the church to challenge state control of a communal land trust once run by its jailed leader.

The decision by Utah’s Supreme Court upholds its own 2010 ruling that the three years the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints waited to challenge the state takeover was too long. It also bars the case from being heard by other state judges.

Via Reuters / Utah’s Top Court Deals Blow to Polygamous Sect in Property Case

In marriage, three is still a crowd

This week, in one of his first public statements since this past summer’s anti-gay-marriage remarks, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy told an Atlanta television reporter that he supports “Biblical families.” This comment immediately gave rise to jokes questioning his familiarity with the Old Testament, where, as any Mormon elder can tell you, patriarchs such as Abraham, Jacob and David all practiced polygamy.

John Witte Jr., however, thinks it isn’t so funny. A scholar of religion and law at Emory University in Atlanta, Witte is working on a lengthy history of polygamy due out next year.

Via Washington Post / Polygamy May be Hot, But in Marriage Three is Still a Crowd

FLDS offender set free, promptly re-offends

KINGMAN – An 18-year-old Colorado man who escaped incarceration for inappropriate contact with a 4-year-old girl was sentenced Thursday to 10 months in prison for immediately violating his probation after returning home.

Mohave Superior Court Judge Steven Conn, who imposed the 10-month sentence, elected not to impose the registration despite Cooke’s probation violation because the charge that Cooke originally pleaded to was not considered a dangerous crime against children.

Via Kingman Daily Miner / Teen Spared Jail, But Immediately Gets in More Trouble

More kicked out of FLDS

Even as his followers’ home base comes under fire from a federal civil rights lawsuit, polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs has been excommunicating dozens of people, apparently accusing them of breaking his ban on sex, former sect members say.

Via Jeffs Said to Have Tossed 50 Members Over Alleged Sex Ban / Salt Lake Tribune

Jeffs: Only 15 men to father FLDS kids

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who is serving a life sentence in prison, has ordered most of his followers to stop having sex except for 15 men — and the women they men choose — designated to father all future children for the sect.

Via Jailed Polygamist Leader Issuing Sex Orders / ABC News

DOJ sues polygamous towns

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Authorities in a pair of polygamous Utah-Arizona border towns have supported a campaign of intimidation against the unfaithful, denying them housing and municipal services and allowing members of the dominant religious sect to destroy their crops and property, the U.S.Justice Department said in a lawsuit Thursday.

Via Justice Department Sues Polygamous Towns / USA Today

Kingman waking up to atrocities in Colorado City

Did news coverage help Mohave County Reps. Nancy McLain and Doris Goodale see the light after they voted to support Colorado City marshals?

Via A Different Solution for Colorado City / The Kingman Daily Miner

Arizona House rejects SB1433

PHOENIX — A bill that would have allowed Mohave County to take over law enforcement in Colorado City was rejected by the state House on Wednesday.

The House voted 28-25 against the bill, with six members not voting.

Mohave County Reps. Doris Goodale and Nancy McClain were among the no votes.

Via House rejects bill to replace Colorado City marshals / Arizona Independent

Nielsen sentenced to 10 years, fine

A West Texas polygamist who authorities said had multiple “celestial marriages” was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

Wendell Loy Nielsen, 71, was given a 10-year term on each of the three counts of bigamy for which he convicted and will serve them concurrently. He was also ordered to pay $30,000 in fines.

Via / Texas bigamist, a Warren Jeffs follower, gets 10 years in prison / Chicago Tribune

Prosecutor’s powers expanded in Canada

VANCOUVER— A special prosecutor has been given expanded powers to lay charges against polygamists in British Columbia, the Attorney General announced Monday.

The move came as the provincial government announced it would not refer a B.C. Supreme Court ruling upholding the polygamy law to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Via / Special prosecutor given expanded powers in polygamy cases / National Post

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